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Naturescape Gardens

Any style of garden can become your very own naturescape. Your garden is that special place you can relax in and welcome wildlife - a landscape that is sustainable and good for the planet.

We have created four very different naturescape gardens using our regional plant species. We designed the gardens as a living example to provide ideas and inspiration for your own garden:

  • cottage garden: uses an informal mix of colour and texture
  • formal garden: consists of hedges and focal points
  • wildlife garden: replicates the bush
  • coastal garden: reminiscent of dunes and summers by the beach.

Eurobodalla Shire Council designed and built the naturescape gardens with the generous support of Friends of Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden, Rotary Kiama, Rotarians of Thailand, and the NSW Government Environment Fund.

Think global, plant local

When you create a garden using local native plants, you're doing great things for your community and the planet. You will:

  • attract and increase local wildlife by providing the right food and shelter for a broad range of native animals
  • reduce unnecessary water consumption by choosing plants that are well adapted to your local rainfall
  • save money by using native plants that have a greater chance of survival. Native species have adapted over thousands of years to the soil, climate and growing conditions of the local area
  • help clean up our waterways and forests by reducing the need for fertilisers and chemical pest control
  • help stop the spread of exotic weeds into your local bushland
  • help your local economy by keeping jobs and money in your community.

Create your own naturescape garden

We've created four different garden styles you can replicate in your own garden by following our simple design guides:

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