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Plants and animals at the Garden

The Garden provides natural habitats and food sources for native birds, animals and insects. Our development and maintenance programs always take into account how we will retain existing and provide additional habitats and food sources.

Observations on iNaturalist

When you visit the Garden, you'll have the opportunity to see our wildlife. Birds, kangaroos and reptiles are abundant.

If you're patient and quiet, you might be rewarded with the sight of an echidna, a swamp wallaby, a long-nosed bandicoot or a lyrebird.

You can use iNaturalist, one of the world’s most popular nature apps, to help you identify the plants and animals you see at the Garden, record your observations, and learn from others!

Animals that damage the Garden

While we generally encourage the presence of wildlife, some species have been damaging the Garden and require restriction or removal. To minimise the impact of these animals, we've built an external fence around the Garden site and around the nursery.

Wallabies in particular have caused a problem as their numbers have increased alarmingly since the 1994 fire. With the installation of the water reticulation system and trees and shrubs, ideal conditions have been created for these wallabies, particularly the swamp wallabies.

As you walk through the Garden you'll also see small cages around many plants. These cages help protect the young plants from hungry wildlife and will be removed as the plants grow taller and become less palatable.