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Sandstone Garden

Many of the plants in this experimental garden have been collected under licence from the sandstone plateaus west of Ulladulla.

Here the plants are generally sclerophyllous (hard leaved), a response to the dry, well drained and generally nutrient poor coarse sandy soils of the heathlands. Although the plants of sandstone country do it tough, the species diversity is remarkably high.

Sandstone areas of the local region are dominated by a few plant families such as:

  • Proteaceae: Banksia, Isopogon
  • Myrtaceae: Leptospermum, Melaleuca
  • Fabaceae: Pultenaea, Dillwynia
  • Rutaceae: Boronia, Philotheca
  • Epacridaceae: Epacris, Leucopogon
  • Cyperaceae: Sedges, rushes and grass-like plants.

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