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Visiting the Garden

  • What are the opening hours? During school term: Wednesday to Sunday, 9am - 4pm
    Open public holidays and every day during NSW school holidays: 9am - 4pm
  • What days is the Garden shut? During school term we are closed on Monday and Tuesday.
    We are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and Good Friday.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    The only dogs permitted in the gardens are those registered and trained by an accredited organisation such as The Guide Dogs or Assistance Dogs Australia.
    We want all of our visitors and wildlife to stay safe and we also don’t want your dog to be put at risk of tick or snake bite.
  • Can I take photographs in the Garden?
    Yes there are no restrictions for private photographers.
    You can also participate in our photographic competition and exhibition.
    Commercial photography by consent of the Manager only.
  • Can I operate a drone in the Garden vicinity?
    The flying of drones is strictly prohibited for recreational use.
    Commercial use must be approved via application to Garden Manager.
  • Can I ride a bike through the Garden?
    Bikes are not permitted to be ridden in the Garden.
    We want to keep all of our visitors and wildlife safe and our paths are not designed for bikes. Cyclists must dismount before crossing our entrance bridge.
  • Can I drive to the play space and BBQ area to unload stuff or drop off an elderly parent?
    Vehicles are not permitted beyond the designated parking areas.
    Drop off and pick up is available adjacent to the Spotted Gum Pavilion for supplies and for those with limited mobility when hiring that facility.
  • How do I book a guided walk?
    Free walks are offered on the first Sunday of each month at 11am with our trained volunteer guides.
    For a small fee you can also book a private guided walk. To book a private walk, get in touch:
  • Do you have a wheelchair we can use?
    Yes, we can help you with that but do recommend you pre-book this by contacting our visitor centre:

Animals and plants

  • What happens if I see a snake?
    We share the Garden with many native animals including snakes, lizards and goannas.
    We appreciate visitors alerting us to sightings of snakes so that areas can be monitored or closed if required.
    It is illegal to kill or harm a snake and prosecution may result.
  • Can I pick flowers, fruit or foliage at the Garden?
    No this is not permitted.
  • Do you have a plant list?
    Yes! There is a list of plants available on this website on our shop page.
    The stock available for sale does vary seasonally and we can also grow to order.
  • Do you grow other plants that aren’t in the shop?
    Yes, the selection of plants varies depending on availability of stock in our nursery.
  • Can I get plants identified?
    Yes, just drop your plant specimen into our Visitor Centre where staff will take some details and pass it on to our Herbarium. This is a free service.
  • Can someone visit my garden to give me a landscape design advice or look at a tree for me?
    We would love to but can’t, looking after our botanic garden is a full time job.
    You could contact a local horticulturist or contact the Eurobodalla Shire Council Environment team to see if you are eligible to participate in their garden visit program, give them a call on 4474 1000.


  • Where can I have an event?
    We have several areas throughout the Garden that can be used for your special event talk to our Visitor Service staff and they will help you find the perfect place.
    The Banksia Function Room in the Visitor Centre and the Spotted Gum Pavilion opposite can also be hired for your event.
  • Can I book a table at the café?
    Yes, bookings can be made by phoning the café on 4471 2400.
  • Can I run a workshop, exercise, team building or other type of class in the Garden?
    Yes, by chatting with our Visitor Services staff and completing a Venue booking form.
  • Can I borrow a projector, screen, computer for my event?
    Yes, we have these available when hiring the Banksia Function Room.
  • I want to have an event at the garden, can I...
    • ...put up a marquee or garden arbour?
      Marquees can only be erected in certain areas and with prior permission. A site fee will be applicable
    • ...bring a jumping castle?
      Jumping castles (set up privately by visitors) are not permitted in ERBG
    • ...bring a BBQ, pizza oven or have a pig on a spit?
      No but BBQ’s are available in the Spotted Gum Pavilion which you can hire for your own special event or at the Snotty Gobble Pavilion which can be shared with our other visitors.
    • loud music?
      Public address systems and amplifiers are not permitted in the Garden, however quiet pre-recorded music or a small live ensemble is permitted.
    • ...throw confetti?
      No, confetti or other scattered decoration is not to be used within the Garden.
    • ...serve alcohol?
      Alcohol may be consumed on the premises without a liquor licence provided it is not sold. If you are hiring our facilities and want to serve alcohol at your event you must meet all requirements of responsible serving of alcohol. You will be responsible for the conduct of any visitors either invited or uninvited and ensure underage drinking does not occur .

The Garden's history


  • Can I sponsor a tree or bench?
    This is no longer available.
  • Can I spread my loved one's ashes in the Garden?
    The botanic garden is not a memorial garden so this is not permitted.

Donations, volunteering, complaints

  • I want to make a complaint how do I do that?
    Ideally, we would hope to resolve any problems immediately. If you wish to formalise your complaint, please submit it in writing by:
  • I want to make a donation, who do I give it to?
    Thank you, that would be amazing. You could put your donation in our donation box in the visitor centre foyer, have a look on our donations and bequests page or contact the Botanic Garden Manager to discuss:
  • How do I become a volunteer?
    The first step to becoming a volunteer is to attend an induction session, held every two months.
    To get started, give us your contact details and we will let you know the next induction date and confirm your attendance:
  • Can I get on a mailing list for the Garden?
    Contact us on 4471 2544 or to get signed up.
    If you join the Friends, you will receive a quarterly newsletter, giving up to date information on everything that is happening at the garden.
  • How do I join the Friends?
    Download and complete the application form or pick up a copy from the Visitor Centre at the Garden.