Development of the Botanic Gardens

The area of approximately 42 hectares (about 100 acres) is part of Mogo State Forest, adjacent to Deep Creek Dam. The site has convenient access from Princes Highway and had not been logged since the early years of the twentieth century.

About 10 hectares had been cleared and excavated to provide fill for the dam wall. That degraded area has provided an excellent site for the buildings and the display gardens. The remaining 32 hectares of natural forest vegetation has provided an ideal environment for walking tracks. Much of the site is gently sloping and it has a good range of aspects providing a wide variety of growing conditions.

Who Owns The Land?

Forestry Corporation NSW leases the land to Eurobodalla Shire Council on the understanding that it will be used for a Botanic Gardens.

With three quarters of the Gardens covered with natural forest, this area provides a valuable opportunity for visitors to appreciate many of the region’s plants in a natural setting. To meet this objective a series of walking tracks have been constructed through these forests. The tracks vary in length and gradient to meet people’s individual requirements and limitations.

The treatment of the forest around the tracks has varied. In some areas the natural vegetation has been allowed to grow undisturbed, while in others it has been augmented to highlight particular characteristics or encourage particular plant communities.

Walking Tracks

Over 8 kilometres of walking tracks have been constructed throughout the site and are open to the public.

Further Works

A redevelopment of the Visitor Centre and relocation of the Wallace Herbarium to the Nursery Precinct is currently being planned.

Other planned projects include establishing new plant collections with interpretive material and creating additional picnic and bbq areas.