Features of the Botanic Gardens

Our region abounds in a great diversity of beautiful and interesting flora. Throughout the site you will find garden display beds, group plantings and natural areas all showcasing this diversity.

Our aim is to display as much of our regional flora as possible and to demonstrate diversity in form, colour, habitat requirements and sensory characteristics.

  • Horticultural plantings: demonstrating native plants suitable for public places and home gardens
  • Landscaping: for large and small areas. Ideas for shady sites, under eucalypts, boggy places
  • Plants with sensory qualities: sight, touch, smell, sound
  • Cultural: demonstrating the use of native plants by Aboriginal communities, including food and medicinal uses
  • Taxonomic: garden groupings of plants of a particular Family, e.g. Proteaceae, Myrtaceae, Asteraceae
  • Conservation: displaying rare and endangered plant species of the Collecting Region
  • Ecology reconstruction of various plant communities, including sand dune, rain forest, wetland