School visits to the Botanic Gardens

Two small cleared areas have been set aside as outdoor classrooms to enable organised groups to be instructed in the flora and ecology of the region.

During the year each class of Year 4 pupils at school within the Eurobodalla Shire attend the Gardens. These excursions are popular with the children and teachers as they provide plenty of hands on activities and guided exploration of the bushland tracks.

Volunteers and class teachers spend a day with the children who learn about plants, plant science, conservation, ecology and horticulture. The children are separated into groups. Half the day is spent learning about the importance of plants, their life cycle, and how and why they are scientifically named. Children love using hand lenses to get close to a flower and its structure. They also have fun propagating and/or tubing native plants. Many schools later grow the plants in their own grounds.

For the remainder of the day groups are taken on guided excursions learning about:

  • How plants make their food
  • Animals life dependence on plants for food
  • Fungi and other recyclers
  • Types of plants eg trees, shrubs, vines, parasites, etc
  • Forest types
  • Response of the bush to fire

The following activity sheets are available for download: